Investment Portfolio Objectives

Investment portfolio gives the chance for investor to distribute his invested assets on the different investmeent vessels categories, as for shares or precious metals or real estates..etc., and the possibility of investors’ success being more if he has investment policy includes regulations to buy investments and other for the periods which the investor desires to keep within those investments, also the investor should determine through his investment policy the convenient risk levels in every investing of those investments.

In this regard the executive regulation of establishhing Kuwait Money markets and securities activity regulation law declareed that the essencial goal from constituing investment portfolio is to meet investor’s needs by the least possible risk degrees, where those needs mostly exist in achieving profits, and that is throgh long or medium or short term investment in security, by following a wise and extensive investment policy, which consideredd a clear framework for investment philosophy and goals at the person who autorized to prctice te the security

Whereof, the investors’ goals and his investment policy should be clear and specific precisely, and the investment portfolio forming goals may be various, and in the goal light which the investor aims to achieve it should be chosen the security type which fits those goals, and we mention below the most important goals of the investment portfolio, and that is for guidance:

  1. To achieve continuous development in the invested Money by seccurity, and developing of market value for the investment portfolio.
  2. To keep the investors’ capital, where that considered a basic necesssity for keeping the investor in investing in Boursa.
  3. To achieve extra profits through the distributions acquired by companies which been invested by.
  4. To reduce of accompanied risks with security investment, and that is through diversification in investment portfolio componants.
  5. To make an effect on the company decision throgh voting in general assemblies for investors, where as gaining more number of shares increase the power of the investor (the contributer) inside the company, and therefore increase his capacity to intervene in any decisions may conflict with his interests.
  6. To provide another source of liquidity to be resorted to if necessary, and that is through investment in high level liquidity security, which can be sold and bought in all times.

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