Trademark Protection Term

The term of protection resulting from the registration of a trademark is ten years in accordance with the Trademarks Law of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, and the right holder has the right to ensure the continuity of protection for similar periods if an application for renewal is submitted during the last year under the conditions and conditions stipulated in the law.

Notifying the trademark owner of the expiry of the trademark protection period

The Trademarks Law permits the competent authority, which is the ministry whose competence is in trade affairs in each of the GCC states, to notify the owner of the trademark in writing of the expiration of its protection period, within the three months following the expiry of the protection period, and the notification is sent to him at the address registered in the trademark register.

The renewal shall be without any new examination and without any objection from others being considered. But if the six months following the date of the expiry of the protection period have elapsed without the trademark owner submitting a renewal application, the competent authority shall strike the mark off from the trademark register.

Trademark Protection Term Renewal Request

The owner of a trademark who wishes to continue the period of protection shall submit a request to the department concerned with the registration of trademarks in each of the GCC countries based on the form prepared for this, after paying the prescribed fees during the last year of the protection period and for the six months following the end of protection.

Data to be available in the declaration of renewal of the trademark protection period

The application for renewal of the formally accepted protection period is approved after paying the due fees, and without any new examination. The competent department shall prepare an announcement for the renewal that includes the number and category of the mark, the name, address and nationality of the owner of the mark. The competent department shall publish the announcement in the bulletin issued or determined by the competent authority after payment Publication costs, and this is noted in the marks register.

Regulating temporary protection for trademarks

Marks that meet the registration conditions stipulated in the law shall enjoy temporary protection during the period of their display in exhibitions held inside or outside the GCC countries, which are determined by a decision of the competent authority.

Temporary protection for trademarks used in exhibitions

In the event that the owner of a mark desires temporary protection of his mark for the products or services displayed in one of the national and international exhibitions held in one of the GCC countries, he shall notify the department concerned with the registration of marks in that country of his desire to display at least one month before the exhibition opens, and the notification shall be made on the form The person prepared for this, accompanied by four copies of the mark, and evidence of the performance of the prescribed fee.

Registration of applications for temporary protection for marks used in exhibitions

Temporary protection requests for marks used in exhibitions shall be recorded in a special register called the Temporary Protection Register, and it must include the temporary protection number, the date of submission of the application, the name of the exhibitor, the name of the exhibition, its official opening date, and the products or services for which the mark is required to be protected, and their category.

Issuance of a certificate for the period of temporary protection for the mark used in exhibitions

The competent department issues a certificate of temporary protection for the mark used in exhibitions for a period not exceeding six months from the date of the exhibition opening, and this certificate may not be given except for exhibitions that are specified by an official decision.

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