Working Women’s Rights

In the Kuwait Labor Law, the working women’s rights that the employer should respect: women do not work at night, non-attribution of immoral and dangerous to them, provision of safety and security requirements, they have the right to be given the same wages as men, as well as maternity leave and childcare, and bereavement leave for the deaths of their husbands.

Working Women’s Rights in the Kuwait Labor Law

Women shall not Work at Night

Women shall not work at night, between 10 P.M. and 7 P.M., except for working in hospitals, clinics and community treatment homes. In such case, the employer should provide them with security requirements and means of transport from and to the employer.

Prohibited works in which women shall not be employed

The employer is prohibited to employ women in immoral works that are not in compliance with public morals. These works are based on the exploitation of women’s femininity.

The Wage

The employer shall pay to the working women wages similar to the men, in case if they do the same work.

The Leave

The pregnant working women have the right to have a two-week childbirth leave, provided that they give birth during it. Such leave is paid, and is not regarded as a part of their other vacation. They also have the right to ask the employer to give them a non-paid leave not more than four months for childcare.

The employer has no right to terminate their services during such leave or their drop-out of work due to a disease resulting from pregnancy of giving birth.

Muslim working women, whom husbands are dead, deserve a four-month and ten-day bereavement leave. They shall not do any work for others all the time of leave. The non-Muslim women, whom husbands are dead, shall be given a fully-paid twenty-one-day leave.

Establishing Nurseries for the Children of Working Women

The employer should establish nurseries for the children who are less than 4 years old, in working places where the number of working women exceeds 50 ones, or where the number of working women does not exceed 200 ones.

Severance Pay

The working women deserve a full severance pay if they terminate the working contract because of their marriage. And this would be within a year of their marriage date.

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